Picture Day- May 5th (competition classes) & 6th (recreational classes)

On Picture Day, all students come to the studio in full costume, hair and makeup to be professionally photographed for our Studio Pictures. Group and individual pictures will be taken by our photographer. Parents are able to choose from a wide variety of affordable packages that showcase your special star! Novelty items such as iPhone cases and coffee mugs are also available.

Parents do not have to purchase a photo package, but we ask that every dancer is present for their picture. Group pictures will be on display at the studio.

What Your Dancer Needs on Picture Day:

  • Costume, proper tights, proper shoes and all accessories
  • All costumes have information sheets so check (and double check!) that your dancer is prepared. If you do not have a sheet, please ask your teacher.
  • Full Hair and Make-up
  • Bring extra hairspray, bobby pins, makeup, safety-pin, etc.

Accent Photography

  • Information packets from Accent Photography will be passed out in class 2 weeks before pictures will be taken. The Picture schedule will go our 4 weeks before Picture Day.
  • Students are expected to be at Dansations IN FULL COSTUME, HAIR & MAKEUP 20 minutes before their scheduled picture time slot.
  • In an effort to stay on time, parents are not allowed in the room with the teachers and the photographer.

Please remember: taking pictures of children can be challenging. As we do our best to respect your time and stay on schedule, we greatly appreciate your patience.

Class day, time, & subject Song Picture Day Picture Time
Sat 9:30- Mommy & Me Cuddly Ducks Sun. May 6th 9:10
Sat 9:30- Combo 1 Dancing Poodles Sun. May 6th 9:35
Sat 9:30- Baby Acro Land Down Under Sun. May 6th 10:00
Sat 11:30- Hip Hop 1 Chillin’ Like a Villain Sun. May 6th 10:15
Sat 10:30 Combo 2 Dig A Little Deeper Sun. May 6th 10:30
Sat 10:30 Combo 3 Mexico Sun. May 6th 10:55
Sat 11:30 Primary Split 1 Mermaid Party Sun. May 6th 11:15
Sat 12:30 Acro 1&2 Itsy Bitsy Spider Sun. May 6th 11:30
Wed 4:30- Baby Acro Queen of the Waves Sun. May 6th 11:45
Wed 5:30- Combo 3 Uptown Girl Sun. May 6th 12:05
Thurs 4:20- Combo 1 A. Your Adorable Sun. May 6th 12:30
Thurs 5:20- Combo 2 Dinosaur Rock & Roll Sun. May 6th 12:50
Friday 4:30- Combo 1 Animal Crackers Sun. May 6th 1:15
Friday 4:45- Baby Acro Fabulous Sun. May 6th 1:40
Friday 5:30- Primary Split 1 Bubble Bath Sun. May 6th 1:55
Friday 6:30- Acro 1&2 It’s A Small World Sun. May 6th 2:10
Friday 7:30- Primary Split 2 Mambo Italiano Sun. May 6th 2:25
Friday 7:30- Hip Hop 1&2 Move Your Feet Sun. May 6th 2:40
Friday 7:30- Primary Split 2 Speaking French Sun. May 6th 2:55
Mon 4:30- Acro HipHop Split It’s A Small World Sun. May 6th 3:10
Tuesday 7:30- Acro 1&2 Faith Sun. May 6th 3:30
Mon 4:30- Acro Hiphop Split Ways to Be Wicked Sun. May 6th 3:45
Tuesday 6:30- Jazz 1&2 Halfway Around the World Sun. May 6th 4:00
Monday 6:00- Acro 4&5 Dia De Los Muertos Sun. May 6th 4:15
Tuesday 5:30- Tap 1&2 Jungle Rhythm Sun. May 6th 4:35
Monday 7:00- Hip Hop 4&5 Before We Were Born Sun. May 6th 4:55
Tuesday 4:30- Ballet 1&2 Fly to Your Heart Sun. May 6th 5:10
Wednesday 6:30- Tap 3&4 Unique Sun. May 6th 5:20
Tuesday 7:00- Ballet 5 Reel Around The Sun Sun. May 6th 5:35
Wednesday 7:30- Jazz 3&4 Let’s Get Loud Sun. May 6th 5:40
Tuesday 8:00- Lyrical 5 Scars to Your Beautiful Sun. May 6th 5:55
Thursday 4:20- Ballet 3&4 America Sun. May 6th 6:10
Thursday 7:20 Tap 5 I Do Sun. May 6th 6:25
Thursday 5:20- Hip Hop 3&4 TTYLXOX Sun. May 6th 6:35
Thursday 6:20- Hip Hop 5 Girl Power Sun. May 6th 6:50
Thursday 6:20- Acro 3&4 Dive Into the Pool Sun. May 6th 7:00
Thurs 7:20 Musical Theater Jet Set Sun. May 6th 7:15
Thursday 8:20- Jazz 5 Mi Gente Sun. May 6th 7:25






Class subject Song Picture Day Picture Time
Micro Tap Slow boat to China Sat, May 5th 2:30
Mini Tap Mr. Sandman Sat, May 5th 2:45
Micro Ballet Anitras Dance Sat, May 5th 3:00
 Mini Jazz My Boyfriend’s Back Sat, May 5th 3:15
Micro Jazz Zip A Dee Doo Dah Sat, May 5th 3:30
Mini Ballet Swedish Rhapsody Sat, May 5th 3:45
Junior Tap Bell Hop Boogie Sat, May 5th 4:00
Micro Acro Barrel of Monkeys Sat, May 5th 4:15
Mini Acro Rotten to the Core Sat, May 5th 4:30
Junior Acro One Moment in Time Sat, May 5th 4:45
Micro solos Wild Child, Stupid Cupid Sat, May 5th 5:00
Mini & Jr Jazz Aye Currumba Sat, May 5th 5:10
Micro Duets Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens, You Make Me Feel Like A Star Sat, May 5th 5:30
Mini & Jr hip Hop Look What You Made Me Do Sat, May 5th 5:35
Senior solos Sam, Christina, Maddie, Mackenzie Sat, May 5th 5:45
Junior Select Lyrical Finding Hope Sat, May 5th 5:55
Senior ballet Barcarulle Sat, May 5th 6:05
Senior Select Ballet Paquita Sat, May 5th 6:15
Mini/Jr Duets Snake Charmer, Emergency, We Go Together, Sisters, Sat, May 5th 6:30

Senior Lyrical

All Around The World

Open Hands

Sat, May 5th

Sat, May 5th





Junior Select Jazz Girls Just Want to Have Fun Sat, May 5th 7:00
Mini Lyrical Dream Sat, May 5th 7:10
Senior Jazz Me and My Shadow Sat, May 5th 7:20
Junior Ballet Stars and Stripes Sat, May 5th 7:30
Senior Duets Keeping Your Head Up Sat, May 5th 7:45
Mini Solos Sassy, Born to Entertain, Pac Man Fever, Feel It Still, Call Me a Princess Sat, May 5th 7:50
Senior Tap Can Can Sat, May 5th 8:00
Junior Solos Crayola, Baby I need Your Lovin, Hallelujah, Sat, May 5th 8:15
Senior Acro Your Day Will Come Sat, May 5th 8:20
Junior Solos Can’t Turn You Loose, Raise the Roof Sat, May 5th 8:25
Senior Hip Hop Mean Girls Sat, May 5th 8:30
Junior Duets Big Noise, Great Balls of FIre Sat, May 5th 8:45
Senior Select Jazz Running Sat, May 5th 8:50
Senior Select Lyrical A Good Day Sat, May 5th 9:00