2018 Recital

June 9th at Rockwell Hall- Buffalo State

Dansations 8th annual recital will be held at Rockwell Hall, on June 10th. There will be an 11:00 am show and a 4:30pm show. Each show is a little over 2 hours and features different dances. Unfortunately, due to the amount of kids taking different classes and siblings in different classes, it is impossible for Dansations to accommodate everyone’s recital requests. Please be aware that it is very possible for students taking multiple classes to be in both shows. The benefit of 2 shows, is that there is enough seating for each student to have plenty of their family and friends come and cheer them on. One show would mean each family would only be allowed 2 tickets.  Two shows allows each family a minimum of  6 tickets!

Dancers’ Arrival- Please arrive A FULL 30 minutes before the show starts. This way the kids do not feel rushed. Dressing rooms open 1 hour before the show starts. Please do not arrive earlier than an hour before show time.  The show will start on time and once it starts we cannot wait or late comers. Unfortunately, we will not be able to re-run dances or hold a number for children who come late or who are not in the correct dressing room when their class is called back stage. Dancers should be in dressing room ready to go 30 MIN BEFORE THE SHOW STARTS!

Back Stage- The show is expected to be about 2 hrs, including intermission. All of the kids (except combo kids) are to be back stage throughout the show. Back stage is a lot of fun. There will be coloring and activities to keep the kids occupied. It is important to keep the kids back stage so that nobody misses their dance, or the finale. Combo kids will be released to their parents immediately after they perform. Combo kids can sit in the audience with their parents after they perform. Combo kids will be called back to line up for finale towards the end of the second half. After the finale the children will return to the dressing room where you can pick them up. Parent volunteers are the only adults permitted back stage during the show, no exceptions. Dancers do not leave back stage and adults do not go back stage for the entire length of the show. This is a very important safety issue, we will not make any exceptions. Many of the classes need a parent volunteer. See sign-up sheet in studio for more information.

Finale- All of the kids are in the finale. It is very fun and we have worked hard on it in class. It is important for the kids to stay until the end so they can have the opportunity to participate. All children must be in full costume for finale. Anyone out of costume cannot go on

stage. There is a 5 min pause towards the end of the 2nd Act when we call kids to line up for finale.

Costume/Hair/Make-up- When it comes to dance, presentation is everything. Please read the costume sheets and double check to make sure everything is done properly. If you have any questions please ask the teacher. Hair is to be neat, no pieces falling out or hanging in face. Make-up is to be applied as instructed, much heavier than everyday use, as the stage lights will wash the kid’s faces out.

Tickets- Dansations is excited to announce that we are partnering with Tu-Tu Tix to better optimize your recital experience! Working with Tu-Tu Tix allows us to offer assigned seating this year! Tickets can be purchased online or over the phone. If your account is paid in full, including recital fee and May tuition, you will receive a ticket envelope in the mail. This envelope includes detailed instructions on how to purchase recital tickets. Envelopes will be mailed out on April 25th, Tickets are available for sale on May 1st at 7am. These tickets will be reserved for you until May 23rd at 7am. At that time, remaining seats will be open to the public to purchase. Tickets are $10.00 plus a small processing fee, charged by Tu-Tu Tix.

DVD- Starting May 1st, Professional DVD’s of the show will be sold in the studio, at dress rehearsal and recital. DVD’s will be shipped to the address of your choice (within USA). $35.00 for 1 show or $50.00 for both shows. Cash or check only.

Volunteers- Parent volunteers are needed for some of the younger classes. I need two parent from each class to stay with the class back stage for the entire show. Parents will be able to watch their child dance from the side of the stage. Please sign up in the office. I understand that no one wants to do this, but we need your help! We cannot have a successful show without parent volunteers to help make it happen.

Show assignments:

There are 2 shows, an 11:00am show and a 4:30 show. Each class is assigned a show. Due to the amount of children taking different classes and siblings in different classes, it is impossible for Dansations to accommodate everyone’s recital requests. Please be aware that it is very possible for students taking multiple classes to be in both shows. Please see below for your show assignment: