Baby & Me allows our youngest dancers and a mom, dad, grandparent or other adult to share in the wonderful first moments of dance. This unique class brings joy, creativity and imagination center stage as children learn basic dance steps alongside their first dance partner! Through our fun and nurturing environment, children will begin to fall in love with dancing and creative moment, while building upon coordination, balance and rhythmic timing. Adults play an active role in the class, encouraging and supporting their little dancer each step of the way.

Age: 18 months to 2 years old
Time: 60 min
Recital: An adult and child will perform a tap dance at recital.

A tasting menu of different dance styles, Combo 1 is the perfect introduction to the magical world of dance and creative expression. We’ll introduce tap, jazz, ballet, and even some tumbling skills. What’s more, we’ll have fun exploring the imagination through a mix of creative movement activities and games.

Age: 2 – 3 years old
Time: 60 min
Recital: Children will perform a tap dance at recital.

Similar to Combo 1, Combo 2 is the perfect option for your preschooler to jump into the basics of tap, jazz, ballet, and tumbling. We’ll fuse imagination and play to incorporate simple combinations that will increase coordination, memory skills and rhythmic timing. Children will love all of the dance-based activities we play, and you’ll love hearing all about it on the ride home.

Age: 3 – 4 years old
Time: 60 min
Recital: Children will perform a tap dance at recital.

In the last of our combo classes, Combo 3 serves as a launching pad for your child to build upon her skills for her journey at Dansations. In Combo 3, girls and boys will feel like one of the big kids as we dive deeper into the gentle and lyrical world of jazz/ballet as well as the fast-paced and LOUD world of tap!

Age: 4 – 5 years old
Time: 60 min
Recital: Children will perform a tap dance at recital.

Baby Acro  Baby Acro is a class unique to Dansations. It is specifically designed to help children ages 4-6 increase strength, flexibility, coordination and gross motor skills. The class begins with a warm up and stretches. The children will work on animal walks, bridges, forward rolls, and cartwheels. The children will incorporate these skills into a recital dance!

Age: 4 to 6 years old
Time: 60 min
Recital: Children will perform one acro dance in the recital.

Primary Split 1 will stretch your dancer as she begins to develop her technicals skills and unique style at Dansations. Dancers will continue work on their tap skills for the first half of class while building on the fundamentals of jazz and ballet technique (ex. chase, chaine, etc.) for the remainder.

Age: 5 – 7 years old
Time: 60 min
Recital: Children will perform one jazz dance in the recital.

Primary Split 2 is one of our only hour and a half classes offered. Specifically set up for 7-9 year olds, Primary Split 2 is broken down into 30 min of tap, 30 min of jazz and 30 min of ballet. Children will perform 2 dances in the recital, with only one costume fee!!

Age: 7 – 9 years old
Time: 90 min
Recital: Children will perform two dances in the recital: one jazz and one tap.

Acro/Hip Hop is another 1.5 hour class. This class is recommended for ages 7-10 in level 1 or 2. In this class kids will work up a sweat doing 45 min of hip hop and 45 min of acrobatics. Dancers in this class will perform 2 dances in the recital, with one costume fee! It is a great value and a lot of fun.

Jazz is typically an upbeat style of dance that mix classic jazz movements as well as modern dance trends. At Dansations, we work with dancers to improve flexibility, jumps, turns and combinations to strengthen the technical skills of our dancers. Since many elements of jazz are founded in ballet, many students take both classes simultaneously since it improves musical timing, precision and technique.

Tap is all about rhythm and style. Throughout the course of a year, dancers will explore the world of tap, from classical to modern “street” styles. Each week, dancers will be challenged with intricate footwork while learning to make new sounds and combinations with their feet. The rhythmic timing learned in tap benefits dancers across the dance spectrum, especially in jazz and hip hop classes.

Ballet is often considered to be the foundation of all dance, and for good reason! It is a classical art form that emphasizes technique, discipline, grace and beauty. At Dansations, we teach the Vaganova style of ballet with a slight Balanchine influence. Even just one ballet class a week will greatly improve a dancer’s technique in jazz, tap, and acrobatics.

Lyrical is perfect for the dancer who is looking for a class that offers the grace and demure of ballet with vibrancy and modern flair of jazz. A popular class at Dansations, dancers who take lyrical will learn to interpret word and music to express emotion and feeling. Students must be enrolled in ballet and jazz before participating in this class.

Acrobatics is one of our strongest dance styles at Dansations. We work on flexibility, core strength, balance, and tumbling skills as our dancers soar across the floor. Acrobatics will help dancers in jazz and tap classes, building strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility.

Like tap, Hip-Hop focuses on style and rhythm. Dancers will have fun in class as we learn combinations to popular songs on the radio, adding our unique flair and star-power to each move. Hip-Hop is a great motivator to get kids moving while encouraging them to be more outgoing on the dance floor, in school or at home. Open to dancers of all ages and levels!

In Tumbling, we pull out the mats and work on our big tumbling skills for throughout the entire class. This is a great opportunity for dancers, cheerleaders and gymnast to have fun, learn new tricks and really fly! Tumbling works great in combination with our acro classes.

Tumbling classes do not perform in the year-end recital.

Maybe we’re biased, but we believe there is no better way to get your mind, body, and soul in shape than by taking a dance class! Our Adult Classes are a great way to get out out of the house, socialize, and exercise. No previous dance experience or ability is necessary – we just ask you have a willingness to try something new, have fun and leave your inhibitions at the door.

Dansations is currently offering adult ballet classes.

Dansations is excited to offer new levels of Musical Theater! In this class, dancers will learn to explore ways to act and dance like never before. Dancers will experiment with facial expressions, and movement to act out a story on the stage. In class, dancers will learn about different musicals from the classics, such as 42 St, to the new Broadway hits, like Mean Girls and Aladdin. Dancers will have a blast taking on characters and using dance to act out their story.