Summer Dance Camp

Dansations Summer Camp is a fun and exciting 5-week program dance program will get children active and engaged!  Running from July 15th-August 16th, the Dansations Summer Camp is an excellent program for new dancers to “test the dance waters.” Our Dansations team of dedicated and professional teachers are always happy and excited to introduce new children to dance. Dansations Summer Camp is also a great way to keep current dancers involved in dance over the summer and help prepare them for the fall season. This program is fun, high energy and will get your dancer up and moving in the summer. Children and Adults of all ages are welcome to participate!

Dansations Summer program offers flexibly for busy families by allowing dancers to make-up missed classes!

For more information on tuition rates and policies click here.

What is a Kiddie Combo Class?

Dansations summer Kiddie combo classes is a great chance to for young children to get a combination of tap, jazz, and ballet practice in the summer!! The children will have fun learning the basics as well as learning to move creatively through space. It is a great way to dance with friends and get exercise in the summer!  Children will need tap shoes as well as ballet shoes or grip socks.

We also offer classes in Jazz, tap, ballet, acro, and hip hop! For a detailed description of these classes, click here.

Dress Code: although our summer program is very relaxed with dress code, please read Dansations Dress Code policies for guidelines. Dancers can wear any type of dance shoe for the summer, they do not need to purchase a specific style, color of brand.

Summer Competition Workshop

This program is recommended that current competition dancers and dancers interested in joining the competition team. We recommend that dancers sign up for both Tuesday and Thursday. The children will be divided into groups, based on age and ability. We will work on various disciplines and techniques throughout the summer. They will be exposed to many forms of dance including: tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, musical theater, improvisation and choreography classes!

Children age 7-9, that were on the micro team last year, or that wish to join last years micro team, should sign up for the micro team workshop on Tuesdays & Thursdays. These dancers will work on jazz, tap and ballet!

Children that will be joining the new micro team should sign up for “new micro team” classes on Fridays.

Dancers can add tumbling to increase, strength, flexibility and coordination.

If you need to miss a week for a vacation or other summer activities, please notify they studio via email, before the session starts and we will allow dancers to make up in a different class.