At Dansations we have, on occasion, heard parents hesitating over how many classes their child should take each week. The number one concern, seems to be, that parents are afraid that too much dance will interfere with their child’s academics. To the contrary, we have noticed just the opposite! Dansations dancers, especially those who study multiple days a week, seem to thrive in their academics. Parents that do sign their child up for dance, frequently mention that dance has noticeably improved their child’s behavior and attention in school. This is because dance teaches children more than steps. It teaches discipline, personal responsibility, organization, and time management. These skills are instrumental to a student’s success in school.

In the process of learning to dance, dancers learn how to be exceptional students. Dancers are trained to pay close attention to everything the teacher says and does. As a dancer you learn to listen to the teacher and apply and retain directions. In addition to learning how to listen, dancers learn to observe their teachers closely and focus on details throughout the class. Dancers are personally responsible for the material they learn in class. No on can learn and practice the material for them. Each dancer is responsible to practice on their own, at home. Just like homework in school, dancers must be organized with their practice time, costumes, shoes, hair and all of their dance supplies!

How do kids find time for all of this?? Dance students are exceptional at using time wisely. Within the class room, dancers are taught to use every second of each class. From a very young age, dancers at Dansations are trained to put their shoes on and begin practicing as soon as they get in the room. If a teacher is working with one student, the other students know to use the time to practice quietly. Even when standing in line waiting for their turn, Dansations encourages dancers to be watching learning and reviewing the material in their heads. The dancers mind is always active, always observing and always taking in information. This directly applies to their academic studies and helps children of all ages excel in academics.

When signing your children up for dance, you can rest at ease, knowing that dance will not only teach your child to be a good dancer, but more importantly, a good student!