Dansations toddler classes are designed to help young children feel confident and thrive in the classroom. Our classes are rooted in patience, consistency, and fun! We want our youngest dancers to thrive in class. Our teachers are well trained to work with toddlers. We pull out all the stops in our combo classes, and want every child to have a magical first experience with dance! Here are some ways you can help your toddler succeed in dance class:

At home before class

  • Talk about dance class for days before the actual class. Go on and on explaining to your dancer how he or she will will get dressed for dance, get in the car drive to the studio, put on tap shoes and then go into a the fun dance room with a teacher and lots of friends!
  • Find a dance attire that your child loves and is excited to wear! Rave about how beautiful or handsome he or she looks.
  • Have your child’s first and last name written on all of their shoes
  • Have your dancer play with their shoes at home!

At the studio before class

  • Arrive 10-15 min early to help your child adjust to the studio.
  • You can get your child ready, by putting on tap shoes
  • Have your child carry their ballet shoes into class, in a dance bag.
  • For the first few week’s, combo dancers will get name tags in the waiting room before class.
  • While you are waiting for class, talk about how fun it will be!
  • Introduce your child to other children in the class, so they can walk in with a friend
  • Say hi to the teacher, and let your child know this is who you listen to and ask if you need something.
  • Show your child where you will be waiting while they are in class.


During class

  • For the safety of all the children in class, please do not open the door while class is in session. If your child is crying in class, we find it works best to let the teacher console your child. If the teacher cannot get your child to calm down after about 10- 15 min. we will bring the child out to his or her parent. At this time we encourage you to stay in the waiting room and watch the class with your child on the TV’s. Let your child see how fun dance class is! Remind them that they are safe in the class and that mommy and or daddy are right there waiting for them to finish. If you are able to get your child to stop crying, you can try to have they go back in the room. If your child does not calm down enough to go back in the class, do not worry, we will try again next week! Sometimes it takes the kids 4-8 weeks to adjust to class. It may not seem worth the frustration; but we promise you, in June, you will be so, so proud of how much your child has improved. All the work will be re-warded!
  • We encourage one parent or adult to stay at the studio while your child is in class.
  • If a child has to go to the bathroom in a combo class, the assistant will bring the child to their parent (or grandparent). The parent will take the child to the bathroom and return the child to class. If a parent is not there, the assistant will help the child in the restroom.