Over and over again we answer nervous calls from parents of older children that want to start dance but are afraid they will have to dance in “baby” classes. Dansations understands that fear. No matter if you are a beginner teen or 10 year old, we work hard to ensure that each dancer feels comfortable in his or her class. Which is why we take the time to work with new dancers to help then succeed in a class that is appropriate for their age! If a student is a beginner Dansations will place them in the best class for their age.
In an effort to ensure they are not left behind or struggling, we work with each dancer on an individual basis to help them succeed!
Dansations offers a wide range of classes, for different ages, levels and class times to ensure that each dancer can find a class that is perfect for them! We will go the extra mile and take time to work with each family one on one to find the perfect class for beginner dancers, no matter their age!! Contact us today so that we can help your child jump into dance, because it is never too late!! Dansations@gmail.com