Dansations School Of Dance & Acrobatics offers classes from age 18months – 18 years of age. While most dance studios in the area, do not accept dancers until the age of 3, we believe that as soon as children learn to walk, they love to dance!

You may find yourself asking, What can a child learn at such a young age? The answer is endless! Beyond the actual steps that the children are introduced to;  toe taps, toe hits, heels, and shuffles, children learn to explore the space around them. They learn how to follow a teacher, how to interact and socialize with classmates. They learn how to move creatively. They learn rhythm…the list goes on and on!

Dansations curriculum has been fine tuned and perfected over the years. Toddlers will receive age appropriate lessons as they learn ballet while holding teddy bears and magic wands. They learn rhythm while marching in tap shoes and playing instruments in a parade around the room. They learn to move creatively while creating shapes and movement with beautiful ribbons. Dansations combo classes keep the kids active, engaged and moving for the entire hour. Our combo classes take kids from tap shoes, to ballet shoes and even includes basic acrobatic skills to improve strength and coordination.

Dansations has developed the perfect program that can take children from the age of 18 months through their 18th birthday. Dansations is a wonderful place for your toddler to fall in love with dance.

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